Monday, June 14, 2010

The Simple Things in Life

Well, here in Texas it was SUPER hot today and I just happened to have to be outside for a couple of hours this afternoon doing a property inspection and tenant visits.  Since my lovely daughter is out of school for the summer, I took her with me.  By the time we finished the property walk, took photos and spoke to each tenant ... Addison was worn out.  I told her "Welcome to Mom's World."  Hopefully she has a bit more of an appreciation for what I do and why I come home exhausted and hot after work.  We'll see.

I'm so thankful for my dear, sweet hubby who never complains about what I cook (or at times don't cook) for dinner.  I do plan to some day start making more "foodie" type dinners, but tonight that just wasn't going to happen.  Here's what I ended up making.

This was my hubby's plate (I'm either going to have to stop feeding him like this or up the insurance policy).  These are fried egg, bacon and mayo sandwiches on Texas toast bread.  He enjoyed this just as much as if I had cooked a three course meal.  Thank God for good men!

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