Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day turned out to be a fun family day.  It started off with church (all the kids were there ... YAY).  Afterwards we met up at the house (since we took 3 separate cars to church) and sat around and tried to figure out what food/restaurant all 5 of us could agree on ... that can be quite the process!

We agreed on Campisi's ... yumm.  One of my favorites.  The "original, real" one, that is off Mockingbird in Dallas.  My husband and I LOVE this place.  It has been around forever, my husband's (late) parents used to eat there.  We always talk about the story of when Mitchell's parents were eating there and an ex girlfriend was chatting up the Mitchell's dad ... so Mitchell's mom threw an ash tray across the room at the girl ... she missed, but hit the wall and put a nice little hole in it.  I think I would have liked her!

After Campisi's off we went to Top Golf ... this is a cool place.  We didn't realize how cool until we found out there was an 1.5 hour wait for a spot.  We played a little miniture golf while we waited -- but it was HOT!  We gave up on that and headed for the A/C to wait our turn.

Beautiful day ... but SO SO HOT! 
Addison & Stephen (Ben skipped mini golf)

Finally our pager went off and it was our turn to golf.  We got our clubs and balls and headed to our assigned spot.  This was my first time at Top Golf and I have to admit -- it was pretty fun and very high tech.

It was similar to bowling.  Each ball is registered to a certain player and the computer keeps track of everyone's score.

 This is the course and depending on which set of holes you hit your ball into, you get different points.

Addison and Ben teeing up.

All in all we had a really nice day out (only had one meltdown, that child will remain nameless). 

I feel very blessed to have married such a wonderful, Godly man.

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