Monday, June 7, 2010

How We Greet Out Guests - Practice Hospitality

Over at Southern Fried Dreams it is Practice Hospitality month! "Week 1 is all about how we greet our guests through curb appeal, flags, entryways, etc. Show us what you've got!"  Hop on over there and join the party!
I love to have people over and summer is always a great time since here in Texas any day is pool day.  Here's what our guests see as they approach the house.  Right and left sides of the door:

These spiky plants are a bit on the dangerous side.  They have been known to reach out and poke people upon arrival or departure.  I might have to put up a warning sign :)  I cannot take any credit for the greeness of the entry ... my husband did it all.  I think I shall keep him!

Here's what you see when you first walk in our front door.  I have grown to love this grandfather clock.  When I first moved into the house (after hubby and I got married six blissful years ago), the clock drove me NUTS.  It woke me up all through the night ... but now I can't imagine not hearing it.  It has become a soothing presense in our home.

There is a plate on the clock that reads: 

I have a slight obsession with crosses.  I have them all around the house plus they are my "signature" neckwear ... I wear a cross necklace everyday ... I have lots :) and keep buying more!

And I have to be honest, you will also find my little chihuahua, Gracie, although she would not be this calm ... she would be running around barking and trying to attack the "intruder."  Another staple item by our front door ... a pair of shoes.  These happen to be my daughter's flip flops, but they can change daily or even tend to pile up until I force her to take them upstairs.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my entry ... WELCOME to my home.


  1. Well what would be a true greeting if you did not have a little cute dog welcoming you. It all looks great!

  2. All of the greenery at the front door is amazing! So very inviting!