Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saturday in Waxahachie

My mom and I met in Waxahachie on Saturday just to hang out, do some shopping and have lunch.  Yes, it was a 106 degrees in the shade, but we still had a good time.  First thing we did was hit the farmer's market ... one of my favorite things about summer is the arrival of the farmer's markets.

I couldn't resist the fresh red onions, peppers and GIANT zucchini.  Yumm!

Next stop was the arts and crafts marketplace.  Such cute stuff.  I controlled myslef and only purchased a few things ...

I thought these domino necklaces were super cute and they were only $2.50 each.  There was a mom and son running the booth!  He was so cute.  He told me all about the necklaces, put the ribbon ties on each domino and handled the money too -- cuteness.  I got the red FAITH one for myself and the blue "cool" one for my sweet girl.

And I couldn't pass up this super cool quilted, reversible apron.  I adore aprons!  Such a lost "art."  The craftsmanship on this is beautiful and I thought it was a great deal for $20.

By this time, we were hot and ready to take a lunch break.  After lunch, off to a super cute shop called the Dove's Nest.  I had to take these little trinkets home with me:

I love cross necklaces, I guess you could say they are my "signature" accessory.  I wear one every day (I have quite a collection, from super simple to glitzy).  I love the all!

That was our day ...

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  1. I had a great time to. I do wonder though why folks in Texas (hottest state in the Universe) don't like to get out in the fall, winter (winter here is when it is only 80 degrees) and spring and do these crafts fairs, etc. Nobody then, but let it hit 106 and everybody in town is out and sweating and complaining about the heat.