Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last Money Saving Day This Week

I learned a valuable lesson today ... hit CVS and Walgreens earlier in the week for sales.  By this evening both stores had removed their sales tags for last week and replaced them with the new ones for the upcoming week.  Of course, they still honored the sales prices, but I had to go back through the sales paper and find the sales prices ... good thing I had them with me in my binder!

So, Addison and I go to CVS (Addison refers to CVS as the "ghetto Target" ... not sure why really).  I purchased the following:

This rang up to approx $34.  I had a special CVS email coupon, manufacturer coupons (of course) and CVS Bucks from a previous trip.  When all of those were taken off, the final amount I paid was $4.04.  I think even the checker was impressed.  Then of course, I got additional CVS Bucks in the amount of $12 ... so yes, I MADE $8.

I made one last trip to Walgreens, just to pick up one item:

This was $7.99.  I had a $5 off coupon, bringing the price to $2.99 - then I got $4 in register rewards, plus I have a rebate to send in for $7.99 ... so again I will be making money ... approx $9.

As always, special thanks to The Money Saving Queen.  Her site is a MUST for all couponers!

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  1. I'm glad you are having fun with coupons. I had to scale back because I had a HUGE stockpile of certain things. Have fun!

    Don't forget to grab your favorite recipe to serve guests and link the hospitality party this week!