Friday, June 25, 2010

My Latest Finds at Costco

I have posted before about my LOVE of Costco.  It is a true wonderland of bargains and finds.  Here are my two latest discoveries:

Our Plano Costco now has Gelato!  And good gelato!
3 flavors:  Mixed Berry / Pistachio / Stracciatella. 
I had a sampling of the Stacciatella (vanilla with chocolate shavings) and it was really good. 
Not as good as the AWESOME gelato we had in Europe last year, but still good. 
 And you can't beat the price ... 3 scoops in a waffle cone for $1.50!!!

My other find was, Motts Fruitsations Ice Bars.  You just stick these in the freezer and you get this icy, fruity mixture that is SO good (and only 40 calories).  So glad I took a chance and grabbed a bag of these.

NOTE:  Not a "review" - just my opinions on cool finds.

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