Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 5 and Bad News

So, my good day yesterday turned into a not so good night (pain, couldn't sleep, and an emergency tenant call around midnight) and a pretty crappy day today.  I didn't feel well at all today, couldn't get out and take Addison to school (Mitchell had to be on carpool duty).  Slept until after 11:30am.  I was able to shower, brush my teeth and change into clean clothes today.  YAY.  I was only able to get about an hour of work done.  Then I got hungry and I kept thinking of the left over mash potatoes in the fridge (thanks to Jenn) ... so off I hobble to get those.  I grab the container on top, start to lose my balance, the container slipped out of my hand and SPLAT -- gravy went all over the floor.  Yuck.  Of course I couldn't clean it up, so I managed to put paper towels over the spill and leave it for Mitchell to clean up later, which he really appreciated.  With all this going on, my foot really just hurt all day ... felt like the splint was rubbing against the incision.

So Mitchell took me over to the doctor's office for them to re-do my splint and rewrap everything.  Boy was that a trip.  And I'm sure I looked really sexy in a black tank top (covered with dog hair thanks to my constant companion, Gracie) , pink pj pants, one sandal (was going to wear a tennis shoe, but while trying to get a pair of socks from my drawer I lost my balance and fell down in the bedroom - I'm sure it quite a sight), a baseball hat, my glasses and of course, no make-up.  But I digress.  At the doctor's office they told me that I needed to cancel my Monday appt (which was when I was suppose to go back and have the splint removed) and instead come back in NEXT Friday.  WAH.  That is another week and a half!  I did get some information on one of those wheel abouts.  So I will be calling around tomorrow to see about renting one, it couldn't be harder than the crutches.

Bye for now, signing off from the couch.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 4 and The Biggest Loser (HA)

Day 4 of recovery ... on my dear friend, the couch.  I have felt much better today.  Even though my ankle is currently throbbing.  I did manage to get up and drive Addison to school and pick her up this afternoon.  Just nice to get outside for a bit.  I even got a shower today.  Woo hoo!  Still no contacts, no make-up and no flat iron.  Oh well.  I also worked some today ... thank goodness for laptops and! 

I got food today - yea!  Addison left me cold pizza and a box of cookies on my table.  Yumm.  I got OJ from Mitchell (which I figured cancelled out the cookies).  Then my awesome friend, Jenn, brought over Boston Market tonight.  Another yumm.  Good thing I got a shower today.  Whew!  Close call.  While we were watching the end of The Ultimate Cake Off  -  I coerced Jenn into having a red velvet Society Bakery cupcake so that she could compare it to Sprinkles ... really, I had to almost twist her arm, but it was all done in the name of science :)

So now I'm laying here alone on the couch.  Sweet Addison cleaned the kitchen (somewhat) and went off to get ready for bed.  My hubby is already laying down (he doesn't seem to be having a great week).  I'm currently watching The Biggest Loser, farming, blogging and eating a cupcake (well, I had to try the chocolate one, it would be rude if I didn't).

So, what does it say about me when I'm getting less than zero exercise, watching cake shows, watching The Biggest Loser contestants weigh in ... all the while I'm chowing down?  I'm human and hungry?  I'm bored?  Oh hell, let's be honest.  I like to eat.  It's like my favorite line in Julie & Julia ... when Julia's husband asks her, "Well, what do you like to do?" and Julia states, "Eat.  I like to eat.  And I'm so good at it."  I think that says it all.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 3 and Cupcakes

Today is Day 3 on the couch.  Can't tell much difference in the pain level today, but to add to that ... I feel dizzy and light headed when I get up.  Joy.  This accounted for the tumble that I took early this morning while trying to head to the potty.  Hubby to the rescue.

I did manage to get up and brush my teeth this morning, but that's been about it.  Then Mitchell tells me that Addison has a meltdown while he was taking her to school.  I have no idea what is going on with her on that front.  But, it didn't really make my day hearing about this while I'm laying helplessly on the couch

The doorbell rings a little while ago and it was one of the ladies with the Power Team delivering a box of cupcakes from Society Bakery.  Yumm.  My mouth is watering just typing about them.  However, here in lies the problem.  They are in their nice little box sitting on my kitchen cabinet.  I'm in the den on the couch ... unable to go grab one and bring it back to the couch with me.  The ultimate act of cruelty.

Why didn't I ask Liz to take them to my table by the couch?  pride? fear of eating the entire box? 

To say the least, I cannot wait until Addison comes home after school today.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 2 and 16 and Pregnant

Well, day 2 couch bound.  I cannot believe how much this hurts.  It's worse than when I had knee surgery.  It is constantly throbbing and it feels like someone is jabbing a knife right at the incision.  I didn't expect it to hurt this bad.  I'm still downing demerol and 800 mg of advil in between those doses and I the spasms are continuing.  I did manage to get a shower today.  YAY.  Made me feel better afterwards, but it was a painful process.  I'm trying not to ask anyone to get me anything (I hate doing that), but Addison and Jourdan did come down and make me a big yummy salad.  It was so good!

My family has headed out for errands and a church meeting.  So, it's just me and Gracie here on the couch.  And what am I watching while bonding with the sofa?  A marathon of "16 and Pregnant."  This reality show comes on MTV.  These episodes should be shown to all kids starting in Jr High.  So they can see the reality of what these girls go through.  I set down with Addison to watch this show ... and explain to her what all is happening and talk to her about choices.  I've watched 2 episodes so far and the "dad" (and I use that term loosely) walks.  These girls are living in a fantasy land at first, thinking they are just going to have this perfect little family.  They joke around about pregnant like it's no big deal.  Still giggling about stuff ... because they are still children themselves.  After the babies are born, the real work begins.  Boyfriends leave.  School starts back up.  Friends withdraw.  And money isn't falling from the money tree like they thought it would.

I just pray that my daughter and her friends don't go down the road of bad decisions., instead that they "keep their treasures."  I pray that they don't have to look for their selfworth in another person; that they don't devalue themselves to the point of making stupid mistakes; and that they keep their eyes set on Jesus through all of the muck of High School.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

ok, I spoke too soon

Well, my family has mutinied against me already.  My first full day of recovery and they've tired of me.  Addison did heat me up a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich this morning so that I would have something on my stomach besides 12000g of demarol.  For lunch I ate some cheese nips which were near the couch (yes they were in box, not found under a cushion - I'm not to that point, yet) and I managed to snag a fiber one bar from the pantry.

All of this while my family is going about their business.  Which was fine, Gracie and I were snuggled up on the couch watching TV.  I guess the meds (and the patch for nausea) are making me thirsty.  I'm guzzling down ice tea - which starts an evil cycle of me having to head for the potty.  It seems like such a long journey these days.

I finally convined Mitchell that I must have dinner.  I asked him to make mac n cheese ... oh my, you would have thought I asked him to bone a duck.  I drug myself into the kitchen, got out the mac n cheese and a pot and everything else that goes into it.  When I got back to the couch I still had to give step by step instructions on how to make it.  I do believe I have spoiled this man.  Addison used to say that Mitchell married me so that he wouldn't starve ... I'm beginning to believe her. :)  He did mange to defrost some sausage links and finish them off on the grill.  This is a huge step, since I am the griller of the family.  Hey, at least I got food.

We settled down to watch a movie (Brothers, which is a really good movie by the way).  I was in pain the entire time - I think my foot / ankle hurts worse today than it did yesterday.  So, I have gone from taking demoral every 4 hrs, to every 3 hrs, down to every 2.5 hrs.  And it still hurts.  But, I digress.  So Mitchell is in his chair, the movie is over, so you can guess what happened next.  Yes, off to sleep he goes.  I understand he's tired since he was up very early this morning and then had to be a BSF at 6:30am and did chores around the house the rest of the day.  BUT, he starts the "pooing" ... where he's asleep but his lips open enough for a little burst of air to come out and drive me insane.  So I commence telling him, "STOP POOING."  Well, I guess that didn't sit well with him because he went to bed.

So here I am, just me and Gracie on the couch.  I texted Addison to come down to help me.  No response.  I posted a message on her FB wall.  No response.  Finally I gave in and called her.  So down she and Jourdan come - and they actually help.  They put more ice in my machine, more ice for my tea, turned down the AC, changed out my pillow and let Gracie out and back in.  Thank you girls.  Oh, plus they brought me the contraband twix that was in the fridge.  Yumm.  That was enough to make my whole night.  Humm, how sad is that.

So the girls disappear back into their domain upstairs and yes, Gracie and I are on the couch still.  To top everything off, our cable box is all jacked up so I can't get any channels.  I'm about to peg leg it over to the box and beat on it so I can have something to watch.

The Surgery

Well, I finally had my surgery yesterday.  The surgical facility was great and the staff super nice.  Got there at 7am and they started taking me back to the OR at 8:30am ... on time!  I'm a little hazy on the details, but I think I was in surgery for 2 hours.  I was so happy that I wasn't sick this time like the last time I had surgery.  The anesthesiologist (aka the candy man) gave me drugs for the sickness and a little patch behind my ear - it all worked!  However, I did wake up in extreme pain.  The nurse gave me percocet, that didn't even help a bit, so then came the demoral, that didn't help ... next was the big gun, morphine!  I don't think I have ever had morphine before, but it either dulled the pain or made me really not care.

However, I have been in constant pain since the surgery even with taking demoral every 3 hours.  My family has been super.  Mitchell, boy scout that he is, set up my ice machine by the couch for my foot.  Sat a table up beside me complete with drinks, pad and pen, my cell and my laptop.  I kept waking up during the night because when the pain killers wore off, the pain was worse.  Mitchell happened to be up at 3:30am too and was trying to find a timer...?  He hooked up a remote to the lamp by the couch.  So I can turn it off and on without getting up.  Is that true love or what?

And my sweet little Gracie has not left my side, she barely gets up enough to go outside to potty and eat.  She loves her mommy!  I have through Monday to continue to lay down, with my foot elevated, icing it every 2 hours.  It is such a process to even get up on the crutches and head to the potty.  I'm worn out by the time I get back to the couch.  But, again Mitchell and my sweet girl have been waiting on me, bringing me drinks and food, on occasion.  I'm so glad that I made arrangements to work from home for the next week.  With this splint and the crutches -- I could not image getting up and about everyday for the office. 

It's times like these that I am so glad I have an awesome family and great friends who have been checking on me.  Just so thankful and blessed.  Thank you God for bringing our blended unit together!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Camera Shy

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate having my photo taken.  I mean really hate it, despise it, abhor it.  Well, you get the picture (ha, no pun intended).

So, on Sunday I had to drop by an event at LakeSide and I drug Mitchell and Addison along with me.  One of the things that we had at the event was a photo booth.  You know the type you get in, it snaps your photo and the photos are printed out.  So, Addison and I get in the booth to test it out.  Our photos printed out and I was horrified!  That could not possibly be me in that photo!  Yes, I admit that I have gained some weight.  I can tell each morning when I'm attempting to find something to wear in my closet.  I can tell when I look in the mirror.  But, WOW- why does seeing it in a photo seem so much worse? so much more real, than in real life?

Mitchell wanted to see the photos.  I was like, "no way!"  Of course he's standing there staring at ME (in person); however, I didn't want him to see the photos.  Does that make any sense?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh What a Monday!

The morning started out good, I thought.  My alarm went off, I hit the snooze button a couple of times as usual, then I got up and hit the shower.  After my shower I continued my morning routine of standing in the foyer screaming at the top of my lungs for Addison to wake up.  That's when Mitchell spoke up and asked why I was up and getting Addison up so early.  Huh?  I double checked the time ... it was 6:30am not 7:30am as I thought it was.  My bedside clock was off by an hour.  Oops.  So then I yelled up again that Addison could go back to sleep.  I tried to doze back off but my mind was awake and the thoughts started flooding.

Got up for the second time at 7:15am to start the day yet again.  Teeth, make-up and hair completed ... on to the closet I went.  Ick.  I have nothing decent to wear ... that I can (1) fit into and (2) wear with the stupid giant black boot.  I settle on a pair of black stretchy crop pants and a gray tank top (because I seem to be breaking out in random acts of sweatiness), sexy huh?  Of course I have to wear my jean jacket over the tank top to try and conceal some of 'this."  Wow, I really feel dressed for success.

Thanks to FlyLady, I do manage to make the bed, empty the dishwasher and fill it with the second load of dishes from our Easter feast.  8am rolls around and off we go.  I'm almost out of our neighborhood when I realize that I have left my surgery paperwork at the house which I needed today.  Dropped Addison off at school.  Circled back to the house, picked up the papers and headed to LakeSide for a meeting.

By this time I am feeling a need for my Venti Skinny Dark Cherry Latte, extra hot from Starbucks.  Ran in, got the drink, chatted with the Starbuck crew.  Back out to my car.  The sleeve of my jacket catches on the cup and it spills on my jacket and in my new car (the first spill - crap).  I wipe down what I can with tissues.  Go back into Starbucks for wet and dry paper towels to clean off my seat.  With that done, off to my meeting.

During the meeting I was so hot, but of course couldn't take off my jacket because I was wearing a tank top.  Such an evil circle!  Finished that meeting, got my diet coke chaser and then off to the next one.  Spent a good bit of time at LakeSide preparing for the Giada event.  Had to run home, again, and back to LakeSide.  Finally, I head into the office.  I go non-stop the entire time in the office.  Back to LakeSide to drop off some posters.  If you are counting, yes, that's my 3rd trip to LakeSide for the day.  Then off to get Addison from school.

Pick up Addison, off to Home Depot where I purchased a basket full of construction cones for the event.  Load them in the back.  Off to Costco.  Pick up office treats and snacks plus stuff for the house.  Load that into the car.  Addison reminds me that I promised to take her shopping for new jeans.  Of course I did.  So off we go to do that. 

While we (Addison) is shopping for jeans I'm looking around the store and noticing how everyone is thinner than me.  Ever had this moment?  It is SO NOT fun.  It sucks.  All of these girls and women were tiny.  I don't understand.  I could not eat for 6 months and not get down to their size.  How does it happen?  I am so tempted just to go up to them and ask if they actually intake food.  Bought the jeans and limped out of the store, feeling even less sexy than earlier today.  Seriously contemplated going and gettting a pizza to take home, but reminded myself of the tank top issue, the scrawny girls, the inability to wear the clothes hanging in my closet, so I was able to talk myself down from that disaster.

We finally make it home around 6:30pm, unload the car, make dinner and finally get to sit down.  Whew.  Relaxation time.  Then Gracie vomits on the couch blanket, so up to do a load of laundry.  Is the day over yet?