Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 4 and The Biggest Loser (HA)

Day 4 of recovery ... on my dear friend, the couch.  I have felt much better today.  Even though my ankle is currently throbbing.  I did manage to get up and drive Addison to school and pick her up this afternoon.  Just nice to get outside for a bit.  I even got a shower today.  Woo hoo!  Still no contacts, no make-up and no flat iron.  Oh well.  I also worked some today ... thank goodness for laptops and logmein.com! 

I got food today - yea!  Addison left me cold pizza and a box of cookies on my table.  Yumm.  I got OJ from Mitchell (which I figured cancelled out the cookies).  Then my awesome friend, Jenn, brought over Boston Market tonight.  Another yumm.  Good thing I got a shower today.  Whew!  Close call.  While we were watching the end of The Ultimate Cake Off  -  I coerced Jenn into having a red velvet Society Bakery cupcake so that she could compare it to Sprinkles ... really, I had to almost twist her arm, but it was all done in the name of science :)

So now I'm laying here alone on the couch.  Sweet Addison cleaned the kitchen (somewhat) and went off to get ready for bed.  My hubby is already laying down (he doesn't seem to be having a great week).  I'm currently watching The Biggest Loser, farming, blogging and eating a cupcake (well, I had to try the chocolate one, it would be rude if I didn't).

So, what does it say about me when I'm getting less than zero exercise, watching cake shows, watching The Biggest Loser contestants weigh in ... all the while I'm chowing down?  I'm human and hungry?  I'm bored?  Oh hell, let's be honest.  I like to eat.  It's like my favorite line in Julie & Julia ... when Julia's husband asks her, "Well, what do you like to do?" and Julia states, "Eat.  I like to eat.  And I'm so good at it."  I think that says it all.


  1. Love this...and totally get your comment about trying both flavors of cupcakes! You wouldn't want them to get their feelings hurt!! Can't like one more than the other (well, until you eat them and they are "out of sight, out of mind"!
    Glad you are feeling better...glad "Ms. Boston Market" brought you some food - you must be STARVING!! :)

  2. Well, yeah on the cupcakes. And now I'm even more confused ... I just may have to retest each one again.