Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 2 and 16 and Pregnant

Well, day 2 couch bound.  I cannot believe how much this hurts.  It's worse than when I had knee surgery.  It is constantly throbbing and it feels like someone is jabbing a knife right at the incision.  I didn't expect it to hurt this bad.  I'm still downing demerol and 800 mg of advil in between those doses and I the spasms are continuing.  I did manage to get a shower today.  YAY.  Made me feel better afterwards, but it was a painful process.  I'm trying not to ask anyone to get me anything (I hate doing that), but Addison and Jourdan did come down and make me a big yummy salad.  It was so good!

My family has headed out for errands and a church meeting.  So, it's just me and Gracie here on the couch.  And what am I watching while bonding with the sofa?  A marathon of "16 and Pregnant."  This reality show comes on MTV.  These episodes should be shown to all kids starting in Jr High.  So they can see the reality of what these girls go through.  I set down with Addison to watch this show ... and explain to her what all is happening and talk to her about choices.  I've watched 2 episodes so far and the "dad" (and I use that term loosely) walks.  These girls are living in a fantasy land at first, thinking they are just going to have this perfect little family.  They joke around about pregnant like it's no big deal.  Still giggling about stuff ... because they are still children themselves.  After the babies are born, the real work begins.  Boyfriends leave.  School starts back up.  Friends withdraw.  And money isn't falling from the money tree like they thought it would.

I just pray that my daughter and her friends don't go down the road of bad decisions., instead that they "keep their treasures."  I pray that they don't have to look for their selfworth in another person; that they don't devalue themselves to the point of making stupid mistakes; and that they keep their eyes set on Jesus through all of the muck of High School.


  1. I've watched 16 and Pregnant too. Thought middle school kids should watch it to see how rough it really is and all they have to give up. But I've re-thought that. I would really like for young girls to watch it. Having two boys...I really don't want them to see guys who "duck out" on their responsibility to their child and to their child's mother. I wonder if there's a show out there in tv land that depicts young men making good choices about dating and respecting young women? Last show I remember like that was 7th Heaven.

  2. I remember that show, 7th Heaven, it was great. You're right about the guys -- it's what the girls need to see, but it does give the boys an easy out, almost each time. I just wonder, where are these boys parents? And why aren't they standing up and helping out.

  3. Have never watched the show but do love your thoughts on girls needing to "keep their treasures". I just had a conversation with a young girl today who was saying she really didn't want to kiss a certain boy (and it was awkward) but she just did it cause she didn't want to "hurt his feelings by saying "no"!" AHHHH...that went ALL over me...tried to use the moment to remind her how precious she was and that in NO WAY should she EVER feel like she "had" to kiss anyone, etc. Our teenagers are MESSED UP....
    Take for example "GLEE" tonight. I have been trying to find a redeeming quality about the show (because I do think some of the musical numbers are great) but tonight was WAY, WAY, WAY too far. I'm disgusted with it and it will not be on my TV ever again. Because my daughter was in and out of the room, I was aware of the messages this show was sending - like "giving it up" and "guys act weird when you say "no" - so I've stopped saying it." Seriously - can we just find a "Walton's" rerun or something to watch, please?

    Ugh...we live in a fallen, fallen world - and while we are called to live here - we are not called to just accept what the "world" thinks is "right". I'm being reminded that we are to think about what is lovely, true, and beautiful...God made it clear to me that "GLEE" (for me/my household) does not cut it.

  4. That makes my heart ache that the girl said that ... AGH. I keep telling Addison and her friends about boys and what they want ... they just keep saying, "no, they're our friends." NO NO NO they are not!!! Not all of them. You just can't be that trusting.

    I've never watched Glee, but have heard about it. Isn't there a "gay" child on there too?