Saturday, April 17, 2010

ok, I spoke too soon

Well, my family has mutinied against me already.  My first full day of recovery and they've tired of me.  Addison did heat me up a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich this morning so that I would have something on my stomach besides 12000g of demarol.  For lunch I ate some cheese nips which were near the couch (yes they were in box, not found under a cushion - I'm not to that point, yet) and I managed to snag a fiber one bar from the pantry.

All of this while my family is going about their business.  Which was fine, Gracie and I were snuggled up on the couch watching TV.  I guess the meds (and the patch for nausea) are making me thirsty.  I'm guzzling down ice tea - which starts an evil cycle of me having to head for the potty.  It seems like such a long journey these days.

I finally convined Mitchell that I must have dinner.  I asked him to make mac n cheese ... oh my, you would have thought I asked him to bone a duck.  I drug myself into the kitchen, got out the mac n cheese and a pot and everything else that goes into it.  When I got back to the couch I still had to give step by step instructions on how to make it.  I do believe I have spoiled this man.  Addison used to say that Mitchell married me so that he wouldn't starve ... I'm beginning to believe her. :)  He did mange to defrost some sausage links and finish them off on the grill.  This is a huge step, since I am the griller of the family.  Hey, at least I got food.

We settled down to watch a movie (Brothers, which is a really good movie by the way).  I was in pain the entire time - I think my foot / ankle hurts worse today than it did yesterday.  So, I have gone from taking demoral every 4 hrs, to every 3 hrs, down to every 2.5 hrs.  And it still hurts.  But, I digress.  So Mitchell is in his chair, the movie is over, so you can guess what happened next.  Yes, off to sleep he goes.  I understand he's tired since he was up very early this morning and then had to be a BSF at 6:30am and did chores around the house the rest of the day.  BUT, he starts the "pooing" ... where he's asleep but his lips open enough for a little burst of air to come out and drive me insane.  So I commence telling him, "STOP POOING."  Well, I guess that didn't sit well with him because he went to bed.

So here I am, just me and Gracie on the couch.  I texted Addison to come down to help me.  No response.  I posted a message on her FB wall.  No response.  Finally I gave in and called her.  So down she and Jourdan come - and they actually help.  They put more ice in my machine, more ice for my tea, turned down the AC, changed out my pillow and let Gracie out and back in.  Thank you girls.  Oh, plus they brought me the contraband twix that was in the fridge.  Yumm.  That was enough to make my whole night.  Humm, how sad is that.

So the girls disappear back into their domain upstairs and yes, Gracie and I are on the couch still.  To top everything off, our cable box is all jacked up so I can't get any channels.  I'm about to peg leg it over to the box and beat on it so I can have something to watch.


  1. Do I need to come over there and smack somebody??!! Because you know I will. :)

  2. You would think I'm asking them to wash clothes, clean the house, read to me, etc. All I need is the occasional drink and some food.