Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh What a Monday!

The morning started out good, I thought.  My alarm went off, I hit the snooze button a couple of times as usual, then I got up and hit the shower.  After my shower I continued my morning routine of standing in the foyer screaming at the top of my lungs for Addison to wake up.  That's when Mitchell spoke up and asked why I was up and getting Addison up so early.  Huh?  I double checked the time ... it was 6:30am not 7:30am as I thought it was.  My bedside clock was off by an hour.  Oops.  So then I yelled up again that Addison could go back to sleep.  I tried to doze back off but my mind was awake and the thoughts started flooding.

Got up for the second time at 7:15am to start the day yet again.  Teeth, make-up and hair completed ... on to the closet I went.  Ick.  I have nothing decent to wear ... that I can (1) fit into and (2) wear with the stupid giant black boot.  I settle on a pair of black stretchy crop pants and a gray tank top (because I seem to be breaking out in random acts of sweatiness), sexy huh?  Of course I have to wear my jean jacket over the tank top to try and conceal some of 'this."  Wow, I really feel dressed for success.

Thanks to FlyLady, I do manage to make the bed, empty the dishwasher and fill it with the second load of dishes from our Easter feast.  8am rolls around and off we go.  I'm almost out of our neighborhood when I realize that I have left my surgery paperwork at the house which I needed today.  Dropped Addison off at school.  Circled back to the house, picked up the papers and headed to LakeSide for a meeting.

By this time I am feeling a need for my Venti Skinny Dark Cherry Latte, extra hot from Starbucks.  Ran in, got the drink, chatted with the Starbuck crew.  Back out to my car.  The sleeve of my jacket catches on the cup and it spills on my jacket and in my new car (the first spill - crap).  I wipe down what I can with tissues.  Go back into Starbucks for wet and dry paper towels to clean off my seat.  With that done, off to my meeting.

During the meeting I was so hot, but of course couldn't take off my jacket because I was wearing a tank top.  Such an evil circle!  Finished that meeting, got my diet coke chaser and then off to the next one.  Spent a good bit of time at LakeSide preparing for the Giada event.  Had to run home, again, and back to LakeSide.  Finally, I head into the office.  I go non-stop the entire time in the office.  Back to LakeSide to drop off some posters.  If you are counting, yes, that's my 3rd trip to LakeSide for the day.  Then off to get Addison from school.

Pick up Addison, off to Home Depot where I purchased a basket full of construction cones for the event.  Load them in the back.  Off to Costco.  Pick up office treats and snacks plus stuff for the house.  Load that into the car.  Addison reminds me that I promised to take her shopping for new jeans.  Of course I did.  So off we go to do that. 

While we (Addison) is shopping for jeans I'm looking around the store and noticing how everyone is thinner than me.  Ever had this moment?  It is SO NOT fun.  It sucks.  All of these girls and women were tiny.  I don't understand.  I could not eat for 6 months and not get down to their size.  How does it happen?  I am so tempted just to go up to them and ask if they actually intake food.  Bought the jeans and limped out of the store, feeling even less sexy than earlier today.  Seriously contemplated going and gettting a pizza to take home, but reminded myself of the tank top issue, the scrawny girls, the inability to wear the clothes hanging in my closet, so I was able to talk myself down from that disaster.

We finally make it home around 6:30pm, unload the car, make dinner and finally get to sit down.  Whew.  Relaxation time.  Then Gracie vomits on the couch blanket, so up to do a load of laundry.  Is the day over yet?

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  1. Wow! I'm tired just reading this!! If it's any conciliation, I'm always the fattest person in the clothing store too. I hate it, but as you can see, I'm not doing too much about it. :(