Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Camera Shy

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate having my photo taken.  I mean really hate it, despise it, abhor it.  Well, you get the picture (ha, no pun intended).

So, on Sunday I had to drop by an event at LakeSide and I drug Mitchell and Addison along with me.  One of the things that we had at the event was a photo booth.  You know the type you get in, it snaps your photo and the photos are printed out.  So, Addison and I get in the booth to test it out.  Our photos printed out and I was horrified!  That could not possibly be me in that photo!  Yes, I admit that I have gained some weight.  I can tell each morning when I'm attempting to find something to wear in my closet.  I can tell when I look in the mirror.  But, WOW- why does seeing it in a photo seem so much worse? so much more real, than in real life?

Mitchell wanted to see the photos.  I was like, "no way!"  Of course he's standing there staring at ME (in person); however, I didn't want him to see the photos.  Does that make any sense?

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