Monday, March 29, 2010

My Day

Thanks to a FB friend, I heard about FLYLADY.  I went through her site this past weekend and signed up for the daily emails.  I was all excited to get on task again.  So, when I went to bed, I reset my alarm for 6:45am (15 minutes early) so that I could empty the dish washer and shine my sink, possibly throw a load of laundry in.  Well, my morning didn't quite work out as planned.  Yes, my alarm went off at 6:45am and I started hitting the snooze button.  I finally got out of bed at 7:12am (12 minutes late).  In a slight blur, I do get myself ready, make Addison's lunch and make it into the car by 8am. 

I was dreading going into work.  My stomach was in knots all the way in.  I got into the office and had a really crappy morning.  A little after lunch, off I go to one of my properties for tenant visits.  I visit practically every tenant and met with two vendors.  Off I go back home, change pants and shoes and head to my orthopedic appt.

I swear the PA thought I was faking the ankle pain!  Yes, I love wearing the big giant ugly boot, please, please, never take it away.  He then called in the actual doctor.  He checked out the ankle again and took another look at my MRI.  He again stated that the "MRI PPL" read my MRI incorrectly.  ((I wonder, do I have to pay for the MRI if it was read incorrectly?  I may have to check on that, I'll put it on the "list."))  That there are several tears, yadda yadda yadda.  So, surgery it is!  Currently scheduled for April 9th since I couldn't do it this week - client coming in on Wednesday, Easter this weekend and I couldn't do it the first part of next week as we have our Giada day planned at LakeSide.  Fun fun!!!

On the way out to the check-out desk I noticed that I had a hole in the side of my shirt.  Great.  I had been in the office, visiting tenants, meeting with vendors and at the doctor's office ... while all along I had a ripped shirt.  Lovely.  So now I look like a homeless Herman Munster.

Picked up Addison, who had just fell at the rec and hurt her ankle.  What is it with ankles lately?  We just took a quick trip over to Little Ceaser's to pick up a nice healthy dinner.  Got home and settled in to eat ... the crazy bread was stale and the "hot and ready" pizza was kinda cold.  :(

Then at 5 I hit the taxes, again.  By 10pm I was done (well, done enough to get our estimate calculated and our extenion filed).  Whew!  That is a relief, for now.  Hopefully I can get the final tweaking done before the drop dead date in October.

So, the plan for tomorrow:  up at 6:45am to start the FLYLADY plan.  Fingers crossed.

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