Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pajama Pants in the Car

Ok.  As a lot of you know, I have been having this ankle issue for quite a while now.  I will be in the lovely giant black boot for 2-3 more weeks at least.  Oh joy.  Every morning while I'm in my closet getting dressed, my gorgeous springy heels are calling out to me -- WEAR ME! WEAR ME!  But, I just avoid the stares of the unopened shoe boxes, slip on and velcro up my boot and hobble out of the closet - for yet another day in the fashion forefront.

Well, as if that wasn't enough, I threw my back out (yet again) at church on Sunday by picking up a crying toddler.  Lesson learned -- hobble away from all crying toddlers and do not look back!  Needless to say that after serving at church during the 9am service and sitting through the second service ... I was SO not feeling great.  But 2 Vicodin and a lunch at Razzoo's later, I was feeling better.

I could barely walk Monday.  I did manage to make it to my early morning doctor's appt and limped out with a steroid dose pack and muscle relaxers.  Of course, work had to continue as usual and I made it through my meetings and was able to work from home, thank goodness.  I ended the day crawling around on my bathroom floor looking for one of those sticky hot patches to put on my back).  Of course I couldn't find one so then I had to beg the hubby to rub Icy Hot on my back, yes - sexy huh?

Well, on to my point.  I was so busy at work this morning, running around (sorry doc, can't stay off my foot).  Then off to a lunch meeting and building walk.  I was in extreme pain by the time I was able to slink back into my car and to my heated leather seat!  Back in the comfort of my home sweet home, I put on my usual around the house wear ... PJ pants and a tank top.  So, 2 steroid pills, 2 muscle relaxers, 1 vicodin , and a little couch time later - I was feeling quite a bit better.

Well, it came around to the time for me to run and get Addison from school - off I go to fetch her.  About half way there, I looked down and realized that I hadn't changed out of my PJ pants and was barefoot.  I wonder if the above mentioned pain killers had anything to do with this?  They may have something to do with me not being able to find my favorite silpada silver loop earrings too, humm...

Thank goodness I (1) didn't get stopped by the police, (2) run out of gas, or (3) have to run any errands.  Addison didn't even comment on the pants and neither did her friend Ashley (thank you Ashley!).

Addison and I made it back home ... safe and sound and still in my PJs!

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