Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God sure knows how to make His point!

A little background.  I have been given the privilege of chairing the silent auction committee for the Tender Hearts Luncheon which benefits Need Him Ministries.  I have gotten to know an awesome group of Godly women.  I am actually in a better state of mind and spirit after I leave a meeting with this group!

I have already shared this tidbit with them earlier today.

I was so so so stressed yesterday - with my "real" job, my foot/ankle issue (and having to wear ugly shoes-ugh!), appointments, meetings, and auction worries.  I have been stressing, thinking that we wouldn't make our auction goal (retail value goal).   My dear husband called me out of the blue at my office to see if I wanted lunch (I normally don't take a lunch break) - I didn't, but needed to escape the office, so off we went.

I was chatting with him about all of the "stuff", he told me - you are holding on to this auction too much - you need to give it up and let God control it. For those of you that don't know, I can be a bit of an OCD control freak.  I know, I know, shocking huh?  We ended up at Kuby's.  I had a little prayer session with God at the restaurant (in the restroom, yes, TMI huh?). I just said - "okay, please take over this for me, it's not mine, it's yours."

Side Note:  This followed up our sermon Sunday ... in which Pete talked about how we are filled 100% with the Holy Spirit; however, we often do not allow the Holy Spirit 100% access to us.  That we seem to hold something back, that we think is ours, that we don't want to share.  (God is not always subtle, huh?)

So then when I went to the NeedHim office yesterday - I see the piles of stuff (beautiful baskets, generous gifts).  I was so excited.  Then last night I started adding things up ... and saw that we were in pretty good shape regarding our retail value goal.  I worked on some more requests last night, giving it up as I went along.

Today, WOW.  I get a call out of the blue from someone I sent a letter to saying that she will be sending some items.  I got an email response from a wonderful Christian camp (responding from my Nov letter) ... stating that she would be sending us certificates for 2 weeks of summer camp!  I get another email from this cool group that I'm working with stating that things are looking good from their end.  YAY.  The good news keeps pouring in from other committee members who have gotten wonderful items in ... including a stay at a really cool hotel in New Mexico (who had refused our request - then out of the blue sent the certificates).

I had sent an email (just last night) to a shop in downtown McKinney.  I got a response from the owner today that she would love to be involved, that she loves to share His word.  WOW.

Yes, God, I got the message loud and clear - step back and let you work through us.

To end, Ramesh Richard spoke at our church this summer, in his opening prayer he said, "Dear God, please do not allow me to embezzle Your glory."

I love that!

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