Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Cards (well, calories) Were Stacked Against Me Today

I couldn't sleep last night.  I finally crawled into bed about 2 this morning.  Yes, I was hating life when my alarm went off at 7am.  But, I got up and got ready for the new day.  Dropped Addison off at school and then headed to LakeSide for a morning meeting.

My first stop is Starbucks (shocking right?).  I had to get coffee and snacks for my meeting.  Of course I had to get my new favorite drink ... skinny dark cherry latte.  If you have not tried this drink yet - stop reading and head to your nearest Starbucks immediately!!  It tastes just like you are sucking the middle goo out of a chocolate covered cherry.  Heavenly.  But, back to the story.  While getting my drink and goodies for the meeting, I was reminded that today was Free Pastry Day.  What a great day!  So of course, I had to have a piece of banana nut bread ... that counts as a fruit for the day right?

Off to the meeting.  Then off to my office.  I did pretty well at the office, I took the remainder of my Chili's dinner from last night (1/2 a burger and some fries) for my lunch.  And I only had 1 diet pepsi, and only 1/2 of a cream cheese pastry (left over from the meeting goodies).  Finished my day and headed to get Addison from school.

We got home and settled in ... it was my intention to take a little cat nap before doing the dishes and starting dinner (since the exhausation from my lack of sleep was finally catching up with me).  Then Addison, sweet girl that she is, reminded me that today was Free Ice Cream Day at Ben & Jerry's.  Wow -- a double freebie day.  So, off we go to Ben & Jerry's.  The line was relatively short - about 10 mins - I took this as a sign that we made the right decision about partaking in the ice cream adventure.  Addison got "chocolate therapy" (which is probably what I need) and I had "cake batter".  Wow, it was fabulous.  It tasted JUST like real cake batter.  This could be a very dangerous discovery for me. 

Back at home, I finished watching the remainder of Gilmore Girls while checking my farm (does farming count as exercise?).  I still had a bit of a sweet tooth after the ice cream, so I just had a little spoonful of peanut butter and nutella.  Then, on to chores.  Dishes, done.  Dinner started.  Dinner wasn't too bad I guess - we had goulosh and cornbread ... I know, I know ... but you just can't have goulosh without cornbread.

That was it for the day.  If it wasn't for all of the FREEBIE FOOD today, I would have done pretty well.  But, how can you pass up FREE pastry and FREE ice cream? 

We shall see what tomorrow holds ... but I do have a FREEBIE dinner planned at the new Brickhouse Restaurant, so humm...

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