Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too Relaxed?

Is there such a thing as getting too relaxed?  You know - when reality slips away and you just don't want to rejoin the real world.  Yes, isn't that a strange question from me?  Well, I headed up to my cousin / "sister's" house (near Oklahoma City) on Wednesday along with Addison.  We wanted some quality girl time with Jana, Randi, Kali (and of course little Morgan).  Thank you Scott for letting us invade!

It was so nice to just unwind.  To unplug from the world of constant "on-ness" and work.  Believe it or not, I turned OFF my cell phone quite a few times!  I only checked my email a few times.  The only computer "work" that I did was Facebook and Farmville (I couldn't let my crops wither).

We stayed up late every night.  Slept in late.  Drank coffee in our PJs.  We got pedicures, lunched out (yes, I survived Oklahoma Sushi and tasted the nastiest soup ever served -- that Jana and Kali actually liked ... I wonder if that had anything to do with the saki bombs???), shopped and just layed around.  It was so great!  It was like being in a really cool B&B.  Jana is an awesome cook, so we ate really well (I had my very first Indian Taco, not to mention HOME-MADE donuts ... oh, and the BEST EVER peanut butter pie, which I will be making at Easter time).

While we were out shopping on Friday the temperature was in the 70s ... after leaving The Market (cool little Mercantile with great items in case you are ever in Oklahoma City and have some time to kill), the temperature dropped about 30 degrees in less than an hour.  We got a nice little blizzard that night so we all woke up to a white, winter wonderland Saturday morning.  Beautiful.

Addison and I drug ourselves away Saturday afteroon (after another great feast prepared by Chef Jana).  Thank goodness for my all wheel drive Subaru for getting us out of the somewhat icy driveway and home safely (after a quick fried pie run of course, along with the worst cup of coffee that I have ever purchased-gag).  It was nice to get home to my dear hubby and my sweet little Gracie; however, I was so sad to leave my Oklahoma family. 

Saturday night Mitchell and I watched "What About the Morgans?" ... which was a decent movie.  Then I got to wake up again this morning to a blanket of white.  God is so awesome.  After serving at church and attending a great service, it was off to lunch at Love and War in Texas.  Yummy.  When back home, Addison and I snuggled up and watched New Moon.  I have spent the rest of the day, reading the paper and playing on Facebook while watching tv and chatting with Mitchell.  Could life get any better?

Reality is slowing starting to set in.  My phone rang earlier and the sound actually pissed me off.  Tomorrow is Monday, which means back to getting up early, making Addison breakfast and lunch, carpool, traffic and of course, heading into the office to start another glorious week of hell.

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