Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finally, Something New for Dinner (and giveaway reminder)

I finally (finally) made something new for dinner tonight.  Shocking right?  I figured my family deserved it since I fed them leftover/snacks for lunch after church.

Here was our dinner tonight ... Caesar Salad, Garlic Toast and Alfredo Penne Pasta with Cajun Grilled Chicken. 

All thanks for the Alfredo Sauce goes to my dear Cousin Jana and Scott.  My daughter went for a visit and Scott made this dish and she fell in love with it.  So, after having the recipe saved in my email "recipe" folder forever ... I finally made it (well, more like I was pestered and pestered until I agreed to make it).  It was pretty easy to make; however, somehow I still managed to use almost every dish in my kitchen ... how does that always happen to me?

Does your kitchen ever look like this after a new creation?  Or maybe it was because I was, of course, multi-tasking.  While I was grilling the chicken and boiling the pasta I was also cutting up fruit for the week, because in my house - if the fruit is not cut up and "ready to go" -- it doesn't get eaten.

As a side note:  I purchased a VacuVin Pineapple Slicer a couple of months ago at Sur La Table (one of my fav stores ever) and finally used it today.  WOW.  How have I made it in life this far without this handy gadget?  I feel like running out and buying more pineapples to slice!

Ok, back to the main dish:  Alfredo Penne Pasta and Grilled Cajun Chicken

* I took out my agressions on tenderized some chicken breasts, sprinkled covered the chicken with cajun seasoning and threw it on the grill.
* While that was grilling, I started boiling my pasta.
* Once the chicken and pasta were ready, I slid some garlic toast into the oven and started the sauce.
* Note:  there is NOTHING low fat about this sauce at all (but it is tasty) ... and it was really easy.
-- Saute garlic (I just used a tsp or so of the chopped garlic that I keep in the frig) with (2) ... yes (2) sticks of butter.
-- Add (2) cups of heavy cream and bring to a boil.
-- Whisk in (2) cups of shredded parmesan, stir until thick.
* Dice chicken.
* Mix the chicken, penne pasta and alfredo sauce all together.
* Serve and ENJOY.

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  1. yes you get that from your mother. i can make a sandwich and have to wash every dish in the kitchen.