Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Five Favorties Linky Party

Rene over at Cottage and Vine is hosting a very cool linky party this week.  Here's the deal:

The question is, if you are going away for the weekend and can only take five products, in your cosmetic bag, what would they be. Are you like me and have been doing the same routine for.like.ever? A weekend at the beach with the girls is always a good place to find about about new things that work for other people, but I missed that opportunity this year. So I am calling on you to fill me in.

So, my 5 MUST HAVES are ...

I am a huge fan of Renee Rouleau.  All of my facial cleansers, toners, etc. are from her line.


I use these products daily and swear by them * Gentle Gel Cleanser * Toner * Toning Cloths (the best ever) * Photolipid Moisturizer * Daily Protection Sun Screen *

I also use more of her products (including foundation), but I'm trying to play by the rules and only list the top 5.  ((however the foundation and my mascara would also have to be tucked into the bag))


  1. I have never heard of the before. Where do you find it?

    Thanks for joining the party!


  2. I have never heard of Rene Rouleau. Will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I will also have to check it out. It must be good stuff!!!

  4. I am unfamiliar with this line. Is it organic?

  5. Not organic ... but great ingredients. I swear by all of her stuff. www.reneerouleau.com