Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Book Review: Twenties Girl

I am usually a big fan of Sophie Kinsella.  I loved her Shopaholic Series (hated the movie, thank goodness it was a netflix rental as I only made it through the first ten minutes and turned it off).  I would have probably been too cheap to have left the theater after paying to see it, so I would have been stuck.

With that being said, I just couldn't get into her new book at all.  I kept trying to plow through it.  I always feel like I should finish any book that I start.  So, I picked it up again last night.  I was on page 162.  I asked myself, why am I still trying to read this?  Life is too short and my time is too valuable to keep on with something that I'm not interested in.  So, decision made.  Book closed and put away.

I picked up one of my other books in my "to be read" pile.  Thanks to Half Priced Books' Memorial Day Sale, I have a nice supply at hand.  My new read is, "Knitting under the Influence."

Review to follow ... but it has to be good.  I mean come on, how cool is the title and the cover?

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  1. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED (did I mention loved?!?!) Knitting Under The Influence!! Great choice.

    I have Twenties Girl in my que to read... but maybe I'll reconsider. I loved Sophie's other books (Remember Me-SO good!!).
    Looking forward to hearing what you think of this one!