Saturday, November 7, 2009

Partner's Card Shopping 101

Well, Jenn and I met up at LakeSide yesterday to do our annual Partner's Card Shopping.  We started off at one of our favorite stores, Sur La Table.  This store is so ooh and ahh.  The funny part, Jenn bought more stuff there than I did (humm, for those that know Jenn - you are snickering right now).  My purchase here was relatively small ($30-ish) - no biggie so far.

Off to Starbucks for a cold one (yumm, Passion Fruit Non Classic Tea--see I am addicted to Starbuck-ese).  Then we head to Renee Rouleau.  Here's where my shopping really starts.  I love, love, love her products and 20% off is a huge savings there.  So I basically bought 2 of everything that I use.  Believe me, this purchase was much larger than my previous one at Sur La Table.  Jenn did much better on her spending here than I did.  Mine was in the triple digits, that's all I'm saying.  But, to my defense, these are products that I will use everyday and they will last a long time -- and I saved a lot!  So, for this purchase, I use the credit card that emails the statements directly to me (not mailed directly to Mitchell's office).  :) 

Then off we go to Corner Wines - another one of our favorite shops.  Not much damage done there - we each bought 3 bottles of vino, again $30-ish bucks.  Not bad, huh?

Jenn had to head out and pick up the kiddos.  So off I go to The Woolie ewe all by my lonesome.  I LOVE this store.  Their yarn is so awesome and the nicest people work there.  It's one of those places, where you walk in and they know your name (kind of like a yarn store version of Cheers).  Again, another triple digit purchase ... but, wow, 20% off.  I have to admit, I am a bit of a Yarn Hoarder (I may seek help after the holidays).

So now I arrive home.  No one is at home, except the dogs (and they are so loyal -- they would NEVER rat me out).  So, the Sur La Table bag goes into the extra bedroom until I have a chance to stash my newly acquired popcorn maker and gourmet popcorn into the closet.  The Renee Rouleau bag gets to just sit on the dryer by the laundry baskets ... yes, it's amazing how small the bag is, yet how expensive the purchase.  The wine goes straight into the additional "6 pack holder" that I keep by the frig.  The yarn, off to the yarn/craft/ebay closet.

The hubby comes home.  No evidence.  Of course, he walks in while I'm on Farmville, so I quickly get out of that and get back into my silent auction letters that I'm working on.

Humm, he's home now, and of course, I am on the computer AGAIN (in bed, in jammies) ... gotta go!

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