Sunday, November 8, 2009

IKEA Rant - a little conviction goes a long way

This was posted on my other blog - but I felt it "belonged" on this one too:

So, I am sitting in church this morning listening to Pete's sermon. He is talking about getting angry (different reasons, etc). He brought up the gay marriage issue. He said that it makes him angry that the gay community states they are tired of the hatred shown against them. Pete put in so well - I will not do it justice here -- go online and listen to the pod cast ( ... but the gist was just because we, as Christians, do not believe in gay marriage since we believe that God ordained marriage between one woman and one man, does not mean that we feel hatred against those that are living in the gay lifestyle.

I felt very convicted when he said this as I was pretty hateful in my IKEA post last night against the gay crowd at IKEA. I do stand by my beliefs that God does not condone the gay lifestyle choice (yes, I did say choice); however, I do not intend to be hateful toward those that are caught up in that sin trap. I do not wish for anyone to be caught up in daily sin and miss the joy of what life could really be like.

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