Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh What a Day ...

Do you ever have one of those days where you are just so ... AGH ... and tired that you just want to cry?  Welcome to my Wednesday.

I was up until about 1am this morning working on my donation request letters.  Then I was still wired so I decided to watch some telly - finally woke up on the couch around 3am and stumbled to bed.  Then the evil alarm buzzed at me at 7am.  UGH.  Made lunches, got ready, dropped Addison at school and headed to LakeSide.  The best part of my day ... my grande non-fat mocha latte no whip extra hot.  Yum.  Met with the locksmith - then off to the office.

During this time I discover that my #*!?*# phone is still "stuck" ... the middle button will not work.  This button is somewhat important since it controls my entire phone.  At this point I cannot access my text messages, email, calendar, most of my contacts and to make matters worse -- Facebook!  Oh, the agony.  While driving into the office on the Tollroad I seriously considered just throwing it out the window.  Humm, would that be considered littering?  My newest idea is to just take it over to Lori's house so she can run over it with her husband's truck (that seemed to work for her iPhone ealier this week).

At the office ... thank goodness Nancy is already preparing for our 11am meeting as I'm on the phone from the time I get there until I head into the meeting.

Back to my desk.  One thing after another, all while trying to work on my budget (which I promised a draft of to my boss by Friday ... humm).  More stuff, more stuff and more stuff.  I left so much stuff in my "out-box" when I ran out of the office that Nancy probably spent the remainder of the afternoon making a voodoo doll of me out of office supplies.

Off I drive to Eunice's to get my nails done.  While in the car, constant worry about work, all of my unfinished projects at home (that's a whole other blog), Addison's science fair project, laundry, dinner, Thanksgiving, donation request letters ... slight panic attack.  Consider foregoing my nail appointment and stopping in at the nearest bar.  Come to my senses - continue on to Eunice's.

I do have a few nice hours at Eunice's getting my nails done and hearing about Kimi's drama (believe me, funny).  Slight stress when I keep getting text messages and emails that I can't access.  Again, I think of ways that I can destroy said evil phone ... would acetone work?

Back to LakeSide to lock up a space.  Pick up Addison from the rec and head to Costco, as now my gas light is on (along with my check engine soon light).  This is the point that I seriously want to just pull over and cry.  I feel tired throughout my entire body.

Yes, there is a line at the gas pumps, of course.  I get behind this infinity - he pulls up to the second pump.  BEFORE he even opens his door, the car in front of him drives away.  I make what I believe to be a nice friendly gesture for him to move on up to the first pump.  Did he?  Well, of course not.  He gets out of his car to start pumping gas.  So I have to drive around him and then back up to the first pump.  Yes, I did consider backing up "just a little too much" and ramming the front end of his car.  But, then I think how the police would be called out and that would just take up too much of my already dwindling evening.  So, instead, I give him a not so nice "what a dumbass" look.  I say a few choice words (in the car - he didn't hear - something about a camel).  Poor Addison, she is just listening to my rant.

Into Costco we go.  Of course they are out of the PJs that I needed to exchange (Donna's b-day gift).  I have to get the crap for work for our potluck Friday lunch.  Yes, you can tell I'm in the holiday spirit, isn't it oozing?  And since I'm still in my heels, now my feet hurt (along with the rest of my body).

Drive home.  Double check, yep, dishes are still piled in the sink.  Addison is wanting baby quiches and spring rolls heated up (don't ask).  Of course, it was too much to ask that she read the directions and turn on the oven.  I get to the safety of my closet where my dear, sweet, comfy jammies await me.  Heaven at last.  Finally, I have time to go to the bathroom (yes probably TMI, but get over it).  As I was sitting "there" I was thinking, wow, this is so nice.  I'm alone.  It's peaceful.  It's quiet.  Is that why men spend so much time in the potty?

Okay - back to reality.  Pre-heat oven.  Heat up Addison's "dinner" ... pls don't call CPS!  I usually feed her better.  Mitchell forages in the fridge for leftovers and I get a whole 10-15 minutes to just sit on the couch.  Ooh.  Aww.  My serenity is broken by the outcry for math homework help.  Of course I have to look stuff up on google (since I can barely remember yesterday, I dang sure can't remember fraction formulas).  Susan is at church, so I can't compare answers with her ... so I forge ahead and finish the worksheet.  Whew.

Addison's science fair project is due Friday.  We did the experiment part last night.  Tonight was set to be power point night ... which I was dreading more than a shopping trip for jeans.  However, now she says "we" now only have to do a data table and graph.  But of course, she's not sure what information to use.  I send her away and keep the science fair info ... yes, I will be reading about that later tonight.  Joy.  Everyone reading this can be my witness - I will NEVER make Addison take Honors Science again.  I loathe science fair with every single bone in my body.  It is horrific torture.  This should be punishment for the terrorists we have locked up in their "day spas" ... everyday they would have to do a science fair project.  They would soon talk - spill the beans on where Bin Laden is, weapons of mass destruction, etc.

See the government just needs a good group of kick ass moms running the country.  We know how to set limits, we can say no, we can work within a budget, and face it - we are just smarter.

Well, I have to close now so that I can see what "we" need to work on for what I hope is the very last science fair project that ever has to be done within the walls of this house.  That's the main reason I couldn't imagine having more children ... that's just more science fair projects.  Humm, that could be used as a slogan for birth control!


  1. LOL! Actually I skipped church - did the fraction worksheet, the science fair graphs (is it ok to graph systolic and diastolic BP results separately? why do I have to care about that?!), and tried to wrangle the boys through their animal adaptation projects - I should send pics of the deer we have constructed out of a 2liter bottle, a stuffed sock and 4 paper towel rolls. Pretty proud of myself - at least until I see what all the other parents did.

  2. Yes, I finished the fraction work sheet ... I think I got the flag pole question correct. Tonight I did the data table and graph for Addison. Addison will never be a scientist ... so I didn't think it was a big deal. And I do think you should post pics of the deer.