Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Group of Fine Women

I had quite the day yesterday (if you read my other blog - you know the story).  I was just feeling beat down by the time I got home and even more so by the time I dragged my body to bed after doing more computer work.

Well, up this morning.  Got to lay in bed and chat with my husband for about 10 minutes (this is always a treat for me).  Then I scored a free Starbucks Mocha (yay).  I then headed over to The Hope Center for a committee meeting.  Wow, what a dose of the Lord can do for your spirit and overall attitude!

By the time I left the meeting, I was actually on a total high.  I felt so good.  Almost invicible.  I totally believe that God places people exactly where they should be, at the time they should be there and with the people they should be with.  The group of women in this committee are just awesome.  So many times when people think of Christians (esp women) that are putting on an event -- they think they are "holier than though" "pious" or "judgemental and snooty."  If that is your feelings, I encourage you to step out and interact with a group of "church girls."

These women are just nice, normal women.  Women that make you think, wow - I'd like to be friends with her.  They are not perfect and they don't pretend to be.  They are just a group of women who have chosen to give of themselves and their time to focus on others.  To make spreading the WORD of GOD a priority.  It's just plain ... cool and I love it.

The prayer time this morning was wonderful and inspiring.  I do not have the spiritual gift of praying aloud; but thank God the other women do!

The one quandry ... the more time I spend serving and working with charities, the more pulled I feel in that direction ... yet, work must proceed (for now).

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  1. You are awesome! And a HUGE blessing to the NH auction. No one could do this job better than you!