Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Wipers on the Bus go Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish ....

Ok.  So I get in my car this morning.  Back out of the garage -- just like any other normal day.  I notice, WOW -- it's not even raining today.  Life is good.  Then I notice that my wind shield wipers are on and just swishing away.  I look down, make sure they are in the OFF position, and they just keep swishing away.  I turn the control to High ... Swish Swish Swish, I turn it to Low ... Swish Swish Swish, I turn it off again ... Swish Swish Swish.

So here I go, taking Addison to school - swishing all the way.  While in the carpool lane, I did turn on the wiper fluid thingy on, so at least it would look like I had the wipers on for a reason. 

Continuing on my way to the office, I call Mitchell (not in the best mood so he mentioned something about a fuse and what did I expect him to do about it).  Next, I call Jennifer of course, because, well, just because.  She mentions the fuse thing too.  Am I the only one not schooled in fuses?  I pull over.  Get out my flashlight (yes, I keep a flashlight and a tape measure in the glove box) and begin to search under the steering column for this mystery fuse I've heard so much about.  Nada!

I swish my way all the way to the office where I finally break down and look in the owner's manual.  Come to find out my fuse box is under the hood.  Great.  Well, my partner in crime pulls up beside me so we set out to fix the problem.  I mean really, we have given birth to real live little people - this should be a breeze.

Well, I'm not going to admit how long it took me to get the hood open ... but I finally did.  We found the fuse box.  As I begin to pry the top off the fuse box, I hear a loud crack.  At this point, I'm thinking ummm, maybe I pulled a little too hard.  Then I hear the sound of something metal falling down into the engine area.  Jenn looks at me and we decide to do what any women would do -- ignore it.

We found the correct fuse and of course we couldn't get it out, not even with my well manicured nails.  By this time we both have greasy hands and are realizing that our dream of opening up our own car repair shop is slowing going down the drain!  Thank goodness our dear bldg engineer (Pedro) strolls by.  I talk him into getting some pliers and after about 5 minutes, the fuse is FREE.  I'm so happy.  I'm do a little jig.  Well, I get back into the car, start it and here it goes again, Swish Swish Swish.  Dejected, I give up and go into the office to do my real job (and of course to disenfect my hands).

My dear hubby shows up a bit later at my office, still not in the best mood.  He's all upset -- he thought I said the wipers were on even if the engine was shut off (I never said this, just more proof that he never listens to me).  He had come over to check things out so that my battery wouldn't run down.  I figured this was NOT the time to mention me breaking the box thing and something clanking down in the engine area.

So, my work day ends.  I get into the car ... Swish Swish Swish.  At this point -- I just give up; however, by the time I exit the parking garage - the wipers just stop.  WHEW. 

Let's just hope they actually work the next time I really need them!!!

Thank you Jennifer, my dear friend and mechanic!

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  1. Chasity, I'm am laughing so hard, I'm crying. It's way funnier now than it was this morning!!! Your friend, Jenn