Monday, October 26, 2009

Addison's 13th B-Day Bash

Overall the party was a great success.  First, Addison is so blessed to have such an awesome core group of friends.  Becca, who Addison has known since pre-school at Primrose; Britt, who Addison has known since before their first cheer leading year together (kindergarten I think); Ashley, who Addison met at church a few years ago and is now school friends with too; and Haley, who Addison met at Huffman.  These girls had such a fun time.  They were fun.  They were nice and polite - not only to each other but to all others we encountered.

We started the night off at our house.  Chris (Britt's mom) volunteered to drive so that we could all fit into her car.  You are AWESOME Chris!!!  Well, off we go to The "New" Hard Rock Cafe.  We input the address into Chris' iPhone and start our journey.  Without boring everyone with the tedious details .. we FINALLY made it to The Hard Rock.  By the way --- bad GPS, bad GPS.  Humm.  The place was not what you would call hoppin'.  It was very modern - way too modern for the Hard Rock.  Posters of Kelly Clarkson and outfits from Brittany Spears were displayed...??? I'm sorry??? Since when do they belong at The Hard Rock???  I told the girls to go pose by the Motley Crue guitar ... they were all like, who?  Thank goodness we had a really great waitress - she made the dinner really fun.  Towards the end - most of the restaurant was up doing THRILLER.  It was great.

Off we head to the Palladium Club for the Colby Caillat concert.  The start time was 8pm ... I think Colby finally came on at 10pm!  After 2 long and boring opening acts, and then another 30 mins of just waiting.  Everyone was more than anxious to have her come out.  I didn't realize also that Colby had such a lesbian following.  There were lesbians galore ... snuggling, holding hands, etc.  Nice.  Yes, such a nice thing to expose the kids too.  After about 3 songs and way too much goofy talk from Colby - the girls were ready to call it a night.

Back to the house.  The girls were too tired for cake, but of course, Addison did manage to get her presents opened!

The next morning - you guessed it, cake for breakfast.  The breakfast of champions!!!

All in all a good party.  And a special night for my sweet girl.

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