Monday, October 26, 2009

The Wipers; The Girls; The Nail; IKEA ... oh my

The Wipers:
So, I get into my car this morning.  It's raining so I turn my wipers on (very glad that they are working).  Cruising along to work.  Rain stops.  Wipers, not so much.  I "Swish Swish Swish" all the way to the office.  Ignored the problem this time - didn't even call the hubby or my mechanic, Jennifer.

The Girls:
I'm just sitting at my desk working away and "pop" ... humm, what was that and why do I feel a little freedom?  Then I notice, my bra strap came loose from the back "base" and was hanging out the front of my sweater waving.  I tucked it back in, held up the loose girl and headed for the potty.  I had to almost completely unrobe.  Sweater off.  Bra off.  Re-attach strap.  Sweater back on.  Whew.  Then, another pop.  The OTHER strap came loose and starting waving too.  Here I go again.  Sweater off.  Bra off.  Re-attach other strap.  Sweater back on.  Whew again.  Really --- do these things happen to anyone else?

I leave work, driving home to the sound of my comforting "Swish Swish Swish."  As I'm getting out of the car - yes, you guessed it.  Pop and wave.  Really?  Three times in one day.  Sweater off, cussed out the bra,  threw it on the floor.  Installed new girl holder.  Sweater back on.  Off to get Addison, orthodontist day.

Of course the whole time I'm thinking ... humm, it was probably those extra 30 pounds that they bra just couldn't contain!  Make that 35 since I did have a piece of Addison's birthday cake Sunday night.

Oh, I forgot to mention that while at work, my right thumb nail broke off part way -- so of course I kept messing with it and it is now all off and my nail appt is not until Thursday.  I am quite hindered at the moment as that is my texting / emailing thumb.  The day just keeps getting better.

After Addison's orthodontist appt - we head to Buca de Beppo for an early dinner.  Yes, I do realize that I have been griping about my weight and that I'm heading out to eat Italian.  Bite me.  We finish up there and head to IKEA.  I had not been there in forever, but we are girly-ing up the playroom upstairs for Addison.  We had a good time shopping, filling our basket.  Life is good.  Then, we get to the checkout area.  EVERY lane is self check-out.  I LOATHE self check-out lanes.  I ask one of the milling around employees if there were any regular lanes --- um, that would be a no.  I told her that if I had known the check-out procedure then I would have never even came in to shop.  What happened to customer service?  She did offer to check my items out for me at the self check counter, b'cs basically I told her that she could do that or I would leave my full basket right there and leave.  Note - that's all she did was scan the items, she then turned and walked away.  Thanks for helping me put the items back into the basket.  She must be the Employee of the Month.  There was a lady behind me at another self checkout station saying the same thing.  WHY WHY do stores do this to us?  We have to shop for our stuff, check ourselves out, bag our own stuff and then carry it out to our cars.  Maybe they will start having us unpack their boxes and shelve items too.  Then they could just employee two people to work the store.  I just don't understand this concept.  SideNote:  At least at Market Street - everyone is super nice, friendly, knowledgeable and they INSIST on carrying your bags out for you - with a smile!!!

This is about all I can take today.  Am I taking all of this a bit too serious? Or can y'all feel my pain?  On top of my misery, while leaving IKEA, Addison turns to me and says, "that wasn't very Christian like mom."  What could I say, she was right!

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  1. Okay... I know it's my turn to blog, but I'm having so much fun reading yours. Your life is WAY more interesting than mine right now. - Jenn