Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 5 Second Rule ... and George Castanza

Today was just weird.  From the very beginning.  Maybe it was the 2 "non-fat mocha lattes, no whip, extra hot" that I had first thing this morning.  It's the price you pay for "officing" at Starbucks.  And to digress a bit ... have you ever noticed that once you start speaking Starbuck-ese you can't order coffee anywhere else?  If I go into another coffee shop I just stand there and stare at the menu, speechless, lost, a little teary!

Anyway, weird day.  Again it could be the baby reeses and almond joy that I had at the office, after my lattes.  My day ends ... off I go to pick up Addison from school.  Grab her and head home.  Run in, change clothes and take off for physical therapy.  Whew - I actually make it on time.  I did my time there and on the way out I grab a peppermint (the big ones that are soft and chewy--my favorites).  So, I'm walking to the car, juggling my keys while trying to open my candy (because of course I couldn't wait 2 seconds for it until I got into the car).  Then it happened.  The peppermint shot out of the package and out of my hand and landed on the ground.

There for just a split second I contemplated picking it up and eating it (you can't tell me this kind of thought never crossed your mind at some time).  Then the image of George on an episode of Seinfeld came into my mind.  The one where George picks an eclair out of a garbage can and starts eating it.  And in true George fashion, gets caught by the girl he is trying to impress.

I gave one last longing look at the peppermint.  Got in my car and drove away.  Self control at its best!

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