Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A New Low (Well, Maybe it Should Be a New High)

Another crazy day.  While dropping off Addison at school I remembered that I forgot my bag at home - which I needed today for work and a meeting.  So, back home I go.  My awesome hubby was doing the dishes!  Sweet, brave man as I had let them pile up for about 2 days. 

Off to work I go.  Slammed a Coke Zero on the way in.  Busy, busy morning.  Downed a giant cup of coffee and ate a baby reeses - yes, the breakfast of champions.  Off I go to my Tender Hearts committee meeting (ate a really good cookie there) - where we do quite a bit of walking around the June Hunt Hope Center (which is a truly awesome facility, ck it out --  But in high heeled, pointy boots ... ouch.  I rush from there to LakeSide to meet with a tenant, her architect and a contractor.  I'm on a pretty good caffiene and sugar high by this time.  But, I had a few minutes to spare, so of course - a made a quick stop at STARBUCKS!

My meeting starts and I am flying high.  I swear Starbucks is like liquid meth for me.  Humm, is meth liquid? I'm chatting with the architect and the contractor when the tenant walks in.  She says, "Wow Chasity, I didn't know you were expecting!"  I was mortified!  Already not feeling really great about my self image lately ... and this (excuse the pun) was the icing on the cake.  I politely told her that I was not pregnant and that I would never eat again.  Thank you very much.  We finish the meeting and I high tail it out of there to go to Eunice's (nail time - yay).  By the way, I was standing (still in my high heeled pointy toed boots) for entire meeting .

In the car, I decided I had two choices, 1-really never eat again OR 2-go home and polish off the remainder of Addison's chocolate birthday cake. 

I get to Eunice's right "on time" -- 3pm.  I notice that she's looking at me a bit weird.  She tells me that I'm really early - my appt is not until 4pm.  Of course.  The correct time is on my phone calendar ... but my mind seemed to be on a different schedule.  So, I decide to waste some time by walking around Hobby Lobby next door to the salon.  So I walk around Hobby Lobby (yes, still in the same evil boots) for 45 mins and $50.

Go back over and get my nails done.  So happy that my texting and emailing thumb nail has been restored!  I mean really -- I have to use my right thumb to text, since I drive with my left hand!  Duh. 

On the way to get Addison from the rec, I actually feel faint.  I am so tired that I can barely drive, all the way trying to think of what I could feed the family for dinner (just them, as you recall, I vowed to never eat again).  I stumbled into the house, managed to pry off the boots from hell, and got directly into my PJs.  Why is it that PJs just make everything better?  I swear if the dishes had still been stacked in the sink I would have cried.

By default, I decided to make cheesy, spicy corn bread and beans.  The family wasn't overjoyed, yet they ate it with little complaining.  Me, I stuck with yet another diet coke.  (see vow above)

Now I am sitting on the couch, Gracie is snuggled beside me and life is feeling a little better.  Now I must stop procrastinating and get on with doing my research and preparing for my committee meeting tomorrow morning.

tata for now .... from NOT a mommy to be

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