Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday -- Ahhh - and Knitting -- Ahhh

I finished my Entrelac Scarf a week or so ago, but am just now getting around to the post.  This was such a cool project.  I fell in love with the entrelac technique!  I had finished the scarf and just needed to make my tassels, here was the process of doing that.  I cut all of my yarn for my tassels and put them into little string piles ... of course, Gracie had to get in on the "action."

Side Note:  under all of the yarn and dog is the awesome quilt my mom made us - so comfy to sleep under!

Here is the finished scarf (not that I can even think about wearing it since it's 115 degrees!) --

Yay for the finished project!  I just need to drop it off next week at my favorite knitting shop, The Woolie Ewe to have it blocked (they block for free when the yarn is purchased at their shop).

My other projects in progress:  (1) Pleated Wrap (2) Cuddly Rabbit Blanket Buddy and (3) Socks, for my daughter as I have been promising (forever). 

For the socks, I'm usually not a fan of cheap yarn but while at Hobby Lobby yesterday I spied this in the clearance area and had to grab some.

  Then today I remembered that my mom had gotten me a yarn winder a little while back so I decided to try it out.  It is so COOL.

How cool!

Well, logging off now to actually start on the socks, after I make my "gauge swatch."  Stay tuned for progress.

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  1. Thanks for following Cranberry Morning! I can see that you might be a great inspiration for getting me back to my knitting - so I'm following you back! :-)

    P.S. I want to knit a SHEEP. A friend from Yorkshire was going to send me a pattern she found, but it never made it here.

  2. i am so glad you finallly got around to using the yarn winder i got you for christmas 3 years ago! glad to hear it works too. that scarf is just gorgeous. maybe if you ever vacation in colorado again you can wear it.