Saturday, July 10, 2010

Housewife Bootcamp - The Bedroom

That 22 Yr Old Housewife inspired me to do some cleaning today.  YAY for her (and me)!

Ok, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but here goes anyway.  It has seems here lately that I have lost my MOJO ... not sure where it went (possibly in the cushions of the couch as that is where my butt has been alot lately!).  During my mojo-less time period I kind of let certain things go, one being cleaning.  My bedroom has taken the brunt of the household punishment.  It has been the catch all for everything.  To the point of me TRYING to divert my eyes from the mess each time I walk in.  This has not worked very well.  My friend Jenn had to come into our bathroom last weekend to use my hair dryer, I had to ask her to walk directly to the bathroom and not to look left ... to the "desk" area (I use that term loosely since you really couldn't see the desk).  Brace yourself for the before and after photos below:

This is my bedside table (and additional tray / table).  Yes, it was a wreck!  It was overcome with knitting projects, books and crumbs (I shamefully admit).  But now it's mucho better and my current knitting projects are organized in this cute little box.  Beside my table is a mini trampoline and my spin bike.  Yes, dear bike, as God as my witness - I shall use you again.

Here's my reading / knitting chair.  As you can see by the before pic it was a bit crowded.  Lets see, on it was one of my daughter's hoodies, a cookbook, 3 purses and 3 blankets.  Now it's just loaded with my comfy pillows and a soft throw.  On my milk jug side table are my TBR (to be read) books.  Beside the chair I still have my ebay bag ... things that I need to get around to listing for sale (someday).

Now for my chest of drawers.  On it was all of my fun jewelry plus a large basket of a bunch of my freebies or almost freebies that I have been collecting with my coupons ... I just can't seem to find the right spot for these items (as under my bathroom sink is FULL).  So the chest has been dusted and my jewelry has been organized (somewhat).  As you can tell, I love crosses.  I have all of my cross necklaces hanging on a cross plus 3 cross candlesticks.  If you could see the boxes on my jewelry tray you could see that they are mostly Silpada.  Then there is the jewelry "casket" which sounds a bit gruesome, but it really pretty cute and was a gift from my great sister-in-law.  There is also a little Brighton jewelry box that was a birthday gift from my dear friend Donna.

This area was a complete disaster.  Yes, somewhere under the "stuff" is a desk and a fireplace.  This had been a drop zone for everything.  I see reusable shopping bags, knitting bags, a trash bag full of yarn (from the HUGE after Christmas sale that The Woolie Ewe had), bags of gift items (I buy ahead when I find items that I like), a cashmere sweater, a fleece hoodie, a storage container with more "to be sold on ebay" stuff and boxes of paperwork that must be sorted through, eventually.

But now, TA DAH.  Cleanliness!!  There is still paperwork to be gone through, etc. - but at least everything is in neat piles.

WHEW.  So glad to have that over with tonight!  :)  Thanks for the inspiration Lauren.


  1. Yay glad i could instill some inspiration!!! Happy friday thanks for following and playing along!!!!

  2. are you available for out of town engagements? such as, let's see if i can think of one. Oh yes, your mothers house?

  3. I totally know how you feel. I have been feeling that way too! I am glad you broke out of it!! Thanks for the follow! I am returning it now!

    - Debra Hawkins,
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  4. I did a little cleaning too because I felt guilty. :)

  5. Dang girl, get it! Thanks so much for coming by our blog and saying hi! Thanks for the motivation....guest coming in town tomorrow to stay w/ us so I need it!