Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Garlic Chicken in Casserole with Israeli Couscous

I've been on this "new recipe" kick here lately.  So, as I'm doing housework (aka sitting around on the couch) one Saturday morning watching Anne Burrell's Secret of a Restaurant Chef on The Food Network, she makes what looks like an awesome chicken dish:  Garlic Chicken in Casserole with Israeli Couscous.  So of course, I must make it.

Well, of course I bought the package of chicken that was already cut up ... really?  who butchers their own chickens?  I already had most of the ingredients, but I did have to spring for the Saffron ($13!).

It seemed like I worked on this for most of the day yesterday, starting out in the morning roasting the garlic and then making the marinade.  I did the actual cooking late in the afternoon so it would be ready for the family at 6pm. 

It looked really pretty.  The chicken was browned and moist, the couscous was plump.  My mouth was watering as I put it on the table.  Everyone fills their plates ... and I wait for the reaction and comments.

My daughter, Addison:  "Is this chicken?" 
Me:  "Uh, yes."
Addison:  "What is this weird stuff on the chicken?"
Me:  "Skin.  It's a whole chicken with the skin on." (you can tell that we usually only have skinless chicken breasts)
Addison:  "Humm.  What's this white round stuff?"
Me:  "Israeli Couscous.  You like couscous."
Addison:  "I like the other kind, not this one, the texture is ... weird."  (as she separates all of the couscous to the side of her plate)

So, she ended up eating part of a piece of chicken, a lot corn (canned!) and two rolls (formerly frozen!).  I love knowing that I spent hours making the dish she didn't like, and 15 minutes making the stuff she actually liked.  Have I mentioned that she's 14?

Me:  "So, do you like it?"
My husband, Mitchell:  "Yes, it's ok, it's good." (yes, this was the extent of his comments)

So, he ended up eating two helpings of the chicken and couscous (he is the opposite of Addison and doesn't like the other kind of couscous), along with the "quick" stuff.

All in all - it was a good dish, but not great.  I don't think it was worth all of the prep time that it took.  Probably will not make this again ... but at least now I know.

And what's for dinner tonight?  Well, I had lunch out - so I'm not eating; therefore, the rest of the bunch is having ravioli - spinach and cheese (from a bag purchased at Costco today - so it's "fresh").

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