Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cheat's French Cassoulet

I had a couple of extra hours on Friday afternoon (3ish actually), so I made the Cheats French Cassoulet.  It took a little time, chopping, browning, etc. but it was really worth it.  I did the oven method (not the crockpot).  I served it over mashed potatoes with buttered, toasted bread we will NOT talk about the amount of butter or calories - sshh.

As you know I never know how the family will react to new meals, i.e. the Garlic Chicken - so I served the hubby up his bowl and held my breath ...

His comment, "Wow, you could sell this!"

I take this as a very high compliment from my hubby!!!

My dear daughter came home a little later, with a friend, of course (we always seem to have an extra girl or two over the weekends) ... and while they didn't say much, they both sat at the table and ate it - so I'm marking that down as a success too!

I'm trying out these recipes because I'm really wanting to start having dinner parties ... I think they are a lost art.  I'm not sure if this will be on one of those menus, but this will be made in our house again!!

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