Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Musings, but not really

I have not been doing such a good job at doing something creative each day as I had planned.  I have just been in a funk.  I'm tired.  I'm cranky.  And I think I have developed ADD ... is that possible?

Jenn had to talk me "down" from a mini meltdone this morning at the office.  I can't focus on anything for more than 5-10 minutes.  That goes for all aspects of my life:  conversations, work, crafts (even GASP ... knitting). 

What is wrong with me?!?  Today I actually had to come home from work early because I couldn't concentrate and was so so tired.  I fell asleep on the couch for a couple of hours.

Good thing my hubby called and woke me up ... so my poor kiddo wasn't left waiting for me to pick her up after school.  (Side Note:  when I picked her up she had ice on one of her fingers, from a 3 hole punch incident at school ... so off to the doctor we go just to make sure it wasn't broken ... whew, it wasn't). 

I'm sleeping at night, but it doesn't feel like it and I'm having some wacky dreams.  I guess all of this could be just plain ol stress.  Ever since I had my ankle surgery (and well, a bit before that) -- I just can't seem to get caught up at work or home for that matter.  Work is piled high.  Laundry (even though it is clean) is piled high ready to be folded.  I keep waiting for the damn laundry elf and he never shows up!  Tonight for dinner ... I ate butter beans, Mitchell had cereal and after much discussion, my dear daughter had to "cook dinner" by making herself some PastaRoni.  It was quite dramatic.

Please do not call CPS - this is usually not the norm at the house.

Random thoughts, as that is all I have these days:

* I may scream if one more person asks me (1) what happened to my foot (I tore a tendon); (2) how did I injure it? (I have no idea ... but I have got to start making up some wild stories for shock value); and (3) how much longer will I be in the boot (forever!).
* My car fob will not make the parking garage elevator open ... I have tried this several times lately.  Thankfully I was alone during these times.
* I am not really a people person and therefore I do not want to have casual chit chat with random "happy" people at my Starbucks.  People, SHUT UP and drink your coffee and let me drink mine!
* I do believe that I have developed an addiction to everything Law & Order.  I watch (well, have it on) for many, many hours a day.  My family is starting to groan and the first sounds of the theme song.  How could anyone not love Law & Order?

Well, I feel a bit better getting this out in blog land.  I will be taking some time off this week from work (even though I really shouldn't since it will put me even further behind) -- but I hope to try to relax, clear my mind, and actually get some crafting done.

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  1. Lady - you are at least going to have to make it out for Wine Down Wednesday or something! Tell me when and where you want to meet!!! I fell asleep for about an hour myself yesterday. I'm thinking about you:-)