Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

When it's Father's Day, I call around to the kids to remind them.  Try to make sure everyone shows up at church.  Plan a lunch, etc.  My hubby just doesn't seem to get into Mother's Day that way.  It used to kinda hurt my feelings, but now, it is what it is.  Even though everything wasn't PLANNED out for today (like I would have done), it all worked out great.

It started out with me sleeping in until 10am.  Lovely.  Then Addison served me breakfast in bed:  orange juice, scrambled eggs and skillet toast (yumm, my favorite).  We then headed off to church and even though we were running a bit late ... "our" seats were available.  I was a bit sad when the boys didn't meet up with us at church, figuring I wouldn't see them today.

Afterwards, back home to rest a bit and wrap up a gift for Addison to take to a birthday bowling party.  Then in comes Ben, wanting Dad to help him work on his car.  Then in comes Stephen, gift and card in hand.  I should have known he wouldn't forget. :)  He even signed his brother's name to the card (I think I see a trend for the future).

So, what exactly does it mean when your children buy wine for you for Mother's Day?  Humm.

The card was super cute. 
"What if, on Mother's Day, someone else cleaned the house, did the grocery shopping, and then cooked the greatest meal you ever ate!  How does that sound?"
Inside, it plays Hallelujah:
"Don't get too excited - I said "What if." 

Stephen wasn't feeling well, so I gave him drugs and off he went to take a nap, but Ben did end up eating lunch with us at my favorite BBQ place,

So, it turned out to be a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful Mother's Day!  I also heard from my "second daughter," Jessica and Liz, Stephen's girlfriend.

Can next Sunday be Mother's Day again?


  1. Sounds like you had an AWESOME day! I sent you a text wishing you a Happy Mother's Day. I hope you got it. If not, well I'm telling you now. You are a TERRIFIC mother to your children! You bless their lives each and every day!! And it's obvious they NOTICE! ~ Jenn

  2. It does sound you had a great day, YOU are LOVED!!! And appreciated, girl we all just get lost in everyday shuffles of the papers of life. Remember you don't have to wait until next weekend for Mother's day; everyday is Mother's Day!!
    Love Ya, Jana

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