Monday, May 3, 2010

The Benefits of Having Surgery

One of the benefits of surgery is that I have gotten some yummy goodies from my peeps!  It all started with Amy giving me a box of cupcakes from Society Bakery (chocolate and red velvet).  These were so good, and of course, I had to taste both kinds!  Here's a pic of the chocolate ... yes, it was that good.

Next came a box of goodies from Eunice, from Tart Bakery.  A sampling of goodies that I did actually share with my mom and Addison.

Here is the before pic.  Petit Four.  Cake Balls and a Mousse Cup.
And here is the after.  As you can tell, these were just awful.  :)
Then today, Liz gives me a red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles.  Check out how pretty:

I did split this with Addison (since she was sitting in the room with me when I opened the bag).

After eating cupcakes from both Society Bakery and Sprinkles.  I have to say that the winner is ... SOCIETY BAKERY!  Tart still has a place in my heart (tummy) for those great goodies, especially the cake balls.

Thanks to all my goodie givers!

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