Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ta Da - The New and Improved Craft Area

If you don't recall what the BEFORE looked like, just take a look.  Also, you might recall what I refer to as the transition phase.  Yes, I had quite a mess going on around here.  But, that is all in the past now ... TA DA:

 My "new" armoire - purchased from a really nice couple (expecting their first baby) on Craig's List.  Mahogany, love it!  Lots of thanks to my sweet hubby and the boys for getting this upstairs ... I heard it was a bit heavy.

 Overview.  I really down sized my book collection.  I purchased these cool baskets from Michael's (during their 50% off sale, of course).   They now hold yarn ... beautiful, soft yarn.  Yes, I am aware that I have a slight yarn addiction.

 Close-up.  Check out the clear "scrapbook" containers (again 50% off at Michael's).  Great to organize crafts "by project."  You can also see the cool wood cigar boxes on the shelf ... not sure what I'll do with those.

 View from downstairs.  Looks much better than before.

 Close-up of some of my yummy yarn!

Photo printer, yes more yarn plus these cool blocks that I purchased for a whopping $0.25 each at Saks when they were selling off their fixtures after the store closed.  I plan to wrap these in batting and fabric for Addison's "den."  I think this awful blank wall may become my new cross wall.

Inside my new sewing cabinet - room for my machine (which I can put on the pull-out tray/desk area when in use), more storage boxes (yep, Michael's again), fabric, batting and a box that contains glue gun and glue.

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  1. Very nice. You inspire me to start cleaning, now that we've arrive home from our tour out east!