Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Craft Area: BEFORE

My craft "area" was a disaster ... it was spread out in the guest bedroom closet, the guest bedroom, my bedroom and upstairs:

I had originally planned to set up tables in the guest bedroom and sew and craft in there.  In this pic:  sewing machine, yarn in the tub and the canvas bag, empty boxes and extra gift items in the blue bag (I buy gifts ahead and stash them).

That never happened, the piles just grew.  In this pic:  fabric in the gold tub and blue bin, yarn in the trash bag, canning supplies and goodies from my latest shopping trip to Sur La Table.

Guest bedroom closet.  In this pic:  electric fryer, extra pillows, and the "to be sold on ebay" pile.

The closet continued:  baskets, extra leaf to my table, and shipping boxes.

In my bedroom:  shoes from my latest trip to DSW, books from my latest trip to Half Priced Books, and yarn and ebay stuff on the ottoman.

Upstairs:  sofa table, extra reusable shopping bags, and lots of etc. (you can see the play-doh).

Upstairs bookshelves:  encyclopedias (can you believee that?), books, wireless printer and more etc.

The other side of the sofa table:  fax machine, computer and files.


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