Saturday, October 16, 2010

TA DA #2, The Guest Bedroom

Previously this room was a MESS!  Part guest bedroom, part storage and part craft "pile" (and everything else).  Here it is now ... a GUEST could actually sleep in here now, imagine that!  Let's start with the closet:

Since I moved my yarn upstairs, more stuff could fit into the closet.  I have my gift bags on the top shelf and my canning jars under that.

 On the other side, my canning stock pots, goodies still in the package from Sur La Table (cool ceramic bakers that I got on clearance), deep fryers, a snowcone machine (doesn't everyone need one of those?).  At the back, extra pillows and blankies.

 Gift wrap, additional craft supplies (stamping stuff).  At the back on the shelf, "to be ebay'd."

 I have converted the chest of drawers into my gift storage -- through-out the year I buy cool stuff and save it for birthdays, Christmas, and just because.  FRIENDS - don't look too close here!

 More gifts.

 Also in here, jeans -- "to be crafted."

 Along with extra bathing suits and Addison's school tshirts that I save.

And the bed ... all cleared off!  Just need some more art on the wall.  Suggestions?

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  1. So nicely organized. Good for you! Now a little Civil War art on that bedroom wall would be just the thing. Maybe some Don Troiani or Don Stivers? :-)