Friday, May 20, 2011

The Starbucks Chronicles - Day 1

So, here I sit at my favorite Starbucks.  Isn't it funny how everyone has their favorite one?  It throws my mojo off to go to a different Starbucks.  Just like I can't order coffee at a non-Starbucks establishment, I get bewildered and confused, I only speak Starbuckese now.  Yes, I have drank the cool-aid (well, the coffee).  But I digress.

Observations of the day:

At a small table for two ... this couple? I'm guessing, but the guy looks like he may not really be all that interested in women if you know what I mean (I wonder if his lady friend knows this?).  They have been sitting there for a while with their tall drinks, both dressed in workout gear.  They have spent most of the time talking with their hands covering part of their mouths (I'm guessing they think people are watching them, reading their lips?  Maybe they have been watching too much tv and think that a profiler is sitting nearby.  Well, I am watching them, but only guessing at their conversation, and am not affiliated with either the CIA or the FBI ... or am I?) with their eyes darting about, laughing.  Yes, I believe they are making fun of the other patrons.  Can you believe that?

At two leather chairs (yes, the ones that are envied by the commoners (i.e.the "table" patrons)), with two chairs pulled up beside them, are four ladies.  They have been chatting away for quite a while, but really aren't interesting (maybe because I'm not close enough to hear their conversation!).  Would it seem odd if I left my comfy chair (yes, a leather one) and moved to a hard, wooden, uncomfortable chair next to them?  Would they think I was easedropping ... well, maybe, so I won't risk it today.

Beside me is an older lady, who was also lucky enough to snag a good chair.  She has her coffee, pastry and newspaper, complete with cute little reading glasses.  Well, the DMN must be reporting some good, funny stuff today or this lady is seriously warped.  She is just cracking up (out loud) ... too bad she doesn't have a friend to share with :( maybe some day.

There are others in here too - but no one of any real interest (at least not to me) - so that will be it for today.


  1. I too am a people favorite place is the airport!

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