Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wait Upon the Lord

So ... tonight was a church night for my daughter and I.  We got to church and each headed our separate ways.  My Bible study ended earlier than usual, about 8:15pm; Addison's group usually lets out at 8:30pm.

So ... I go to the car to wait for her to come out.  Nothing.  I text her, she's meeting with some people.  I continue to wait, and wait, and wait and text, and text and text.  All the while getting ansty, frusterated and a little angry.  I had been going strong since 7am, had no dinner and just wanted to go home. 

So ... while I'm sitting there in my car having a little pity party and drumming my fingers with impatience - it dawned on me (well, God hit me over the head with the thought) --- It's like He said, "HELLO Chasity.  You are sitting in your car, outside of church, with nothing to do and no interruptions, with your Bible and journal sitting in your bag in the backseat!  How about making use of your time and visiting with Me."  Huh, that got my attention.  DUH.  Needless to say, I promptly got out my journal and started my chat with God.  I was still not really happy with waiting almost 45 minutes for my dear daughter - but had a great little lesson while doing so.

I've really let my quiet time with God get away from me lately -- and boy can I notice!  So much time is wasted - when it could have been put to such good use.  Thanks for the reminder God!

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