Friday, August 13, 2010

Travel Day 2: Newport, RI – The Mansions and Lunch

When we left off last time, Addison was snuggled into bed and it was up in the air if she was going to get up or not.

Well, she didn’t get up. I finally prodded her awake enough to brush her teeth and wash her face, then back to sleep. The next morning she didn’t even remember doing those things. She was out!

So I finally roused her the next morning and out we went. We had to stop at one of the thousands of Dunkin’ Donuts that are around up here. Literally THOUSANDS. I’ve never seen so many donut shops. And they have sucky coffee! But, I digress. We got our package of Munchkin’s and off we went.

First on the agenda: The Mansions.  First up was The Breakers. WOW! What an amazing “summer cottage.” Beautiful house and grounds. It amazes me to think of the Vanderbilts roaming around in the same halls as we were walking in. Craftsmanship is a lost art as is the way they used to entertain and party back in the day. I just wish they would let you take photos inside – but no go.

Next up was Marble House. Fabulous. Followed by The Elms and Rosecliff.

After those tours we decided to head to the Brick / Thames Street area for some food and shopping.  We finally find a parking lot (I swear parking spaces are like gold up here). We find a cool restaurant, The Barking Crab.

I order the Lobster Roll and Addison gets the Crab and Corn Chowder (so proud of her for trying something a bit out of her comfort zone, even though I couldn’t get her to go for the fried oysters). My Lobster Roll was awesome. Addison picked out a couple of bites of the lobster but said it was too “fishy.” AGH. How can you not like lobster?!?

So, she continues to eat her soup, and then came THE HAIR. Yes, she found a hair in her soup. ICK. We called the waiter over and showed him and he took the bowl away, apologizing profusely. The manager came over and took it off the check (duh!) and apologized again. Heck, they could have at least offered her a free t-shirt!

to be continued ...


  1. Wow, that is soo pretty! I hope you two are having a great time.

  2. oh gross! the hair! ewww! I HATE when that happens... usually makes me physically sick! cant wait for the next part of the story!

    Laura @ (formerly win lose or blog)